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B-Lite dietary supplement 96 capsules
B-Lite dietary supplement 96 capsules

B-Lite dietary supplement 96 capsules

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Capsules for weight loss B-Lite 96 New - today are one of the strongest means of combating excess weight caused by obesity, weight gain during pregnancy, overeating, as well as in middle age. When hormonal changes occur in the body.

The carefully selected composition of B-Lite 96 capsules blocks the feeling of hunger and during the day you do not experience any discomfort from this. During the use of Beelight 96 capsules, all accumulated toxins, slags and decay products of body fat are excreted along with the liquid, so you need to drink as much water as possible, at least 2-3 liters per day.

Capsules B-Lite 96 - New, in addition to blocking the feeling of hunger, do an excellent job with old fat deposits in the body, and already in the first week of taking you can notice how your volumes are melting and the weight arrow is already going down. Particular attention is paid to the waist and hips.

Due to its properties, B-Lite 96 helps to reduce cellulite, and also helps with swelling, because. stabilizes water-salt metabolism.

The course of prima slimming capsules B-Lite 96 - New is designed for 1.5 months. The first pack of capsules accelerates metabolism, increases metabolism, preparing the body for weight loss. The second package improves blood circulation and acts directly on fat deposits, breaking them down. The third package consolidates the result.

The drug works more effectively with a weight of 85 kg.

How to use: Start with one capsule a day 30-40 minutes before breakfast. Drinking 2 glasses of warm water. After 5 days, another capsule can be added if the appetite is not reduced enough. If the appetite is reduced, then the dose should not be increased. And then everything is individual. If the weight is reduced, and your appetite does not bother you, you can leave it until the end of the course. If the appetite is not sufficiently blocked, then you can try adding another capsule. According to the scheme-2 before breakfast, 1 before lunch.

Important! Follow your well-being. If you are concerned about your health, stop taking the drug immediately.

Note. Preparations for weight loss are selected individually. In practice, the effectiveness of weight loss drugs is 80% / 20%, where 20% of those taking the same drug will not lose weight. This fact has been proven. Two people taking a slimming drug from the same blister will have a different result. In the first case, the appetite will decrease and the weight will go away, in the second case, the appetite will not decrease and, accordingly, the weight will remain the same. This fact is confirmed by scattered reviews of the same drug.

Taking B-Lite 96 capsules in the evening is not recommended - as they have tonic properties.

Coffee and strong black tea significantly reduce the effectiveness of the drug. While taking the capsules, alcohol is completely contraindicated.

It is not recommended to take B-Lite 96 - New capsules in the evening - as they have tonic properties.

Ingredients: Tinder fungus, coconut poria, hawthorn fruit, chicken ventricle inner lining, rhizome opposite discorea, lotus leaf.

Contraindications: Pregnancy, breast-feeding, with cardiovascular diseases, arterial hypertension, persons under 18 years of age. In rare cases, individual intolerance.

Manufacturer: China

Weight: 135 gr

Dimensions: 27mm x 216mm x 127mm

Contents: 96 capsules

Filler: Powder