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Black Panther Slimming Capsule 36 capsules

Black Panther Slimming Capsule 36 capsules

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Capsules Black Panther Black Panther is a real find for everyone who wants to find a slender figure!

Action :

- activation of fat burning;
- decrease in appetite;
- burst of energy;
- increased physical activity;
- strengthening immunity;
- improving metabolism;
- increase in the effectiveness of training;
- prevention of a new set of kilograms.

Mode of application:

1 capsule 40 minutes before meals or one hour after meals.

30 minutes before the start of sports, take 1 capsule of the drug.

The course lasts several weeks - depending on your goals and initial condition.

Ingredients: carallum fimbriata, chili pepper, hoodia cactus, pineapple, yohimbine, guarani.