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Atom Plus Innovative Weight Loss Complex 40 pills
Atom Plus Innovative Weight Loss Complex 40 pills
Atom Plus Innovative Weight Loss Complex 40 pills
Atom Plus Innovative Weight Loss Complex 40 pills

Atom Plus Innovative Weight Loss Complex 40 pills

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Weight Loss Herbal Natural Atom Total Plus Fat Burner Slimming 40 Capsules

Weight Loss Pills

with regular intake, it guarantees weight loss of 15 kg per mounth

best option and best choise

Atom Total pius is a universal, completely new drug on the weight loss market, based on properly balanced natural fortified components and microelements. Refers to the latest generation of specialized dietary supplements for food of the Energy Diet class in capsules. The purpose of the drug is to provide the body with all the necessary nutrients for excellent health, as well as control body weight and block food intake. Gentle and gradual weight loss helps the body better cope with chronic ailments. Produced in full compliance with quality standards and control at all stages of production - from raw materials to finished products.


Body shaping, metabolic disorders, swelling, obesity, cellulite, excess body weight. In addition to external results, you can notice an improvement in the functioning of the digestive system, lightness and freedom in the body. The drug blocks and suppresses excessive appetite

Beneficial features:

Raises vitality throughout the body,

Increases performance,

Relieves morning sleepiness

Prevents fluid retention in the body,

Removes excess fluid from the body,

Removes accumulated waste and toxins,

Improves the condition of skin, hair, and nails,

Accelerates metabolic processes in the body,

Has anti-cellulite effects

Composition of Atom total plus: The drug consists of a balanced complex of natural ingredients that ensure systematic weight loss. The product contains a basic, valuable natural fat burner, Garcinia gummigut (Cambodian), which guarantees a lasting weight loss effect and a long-lasting, sustainable result, as well as equally important ingredients:

Garcinia combogia - 30mg,

Fennel Seed Extract - 30mg,

Ash Leaf Extract - 30mg,

Black Tea Leaf Extract - 50mg,

Black Cumin Seed Extract - 20mg,

Dandelion Root Extract - 20mg,

Hibiscus Flower Extract - 30mg,

Spiraea extract - 50mg,

Cactus fruit extract - 50mg,

Green coffee bean extract - 75mg,

Instruction to use:

1-2 capsules per day. In the morning, 30-40 minutes. before meal. To prevent sleep disorders, taking the 2nd capsule should occur no later than 6-8 hours before bedtime; the process of breaking down fat cells releases a large amount of energy and the overall tone of the body becomes increased, which can cause insomnia. It is recommended to drink at least 2-2.5 liters of water during the day. because the basic accelerator of the metabolic process and fat burning, removal of toxins and other food processes is drinking water.