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Lishou slimming 36 capsules

Lishou slimming 36 capsules

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Capsules (Lishou) provide a complex effect on the body in order to reduce weight. This is a strong suppression of hunger, and the formation of a feeling of disgust for excessively high-calorie foods, and a smooth transition of the body into a mode of increased metabolism. All these factors allow you to organize a good diet, balanced in terms of calories, do not lead to a sharp loss of fluid in the body, which prevents too rapid weight loss and prevents the appearance of various anomalies on the skin (stretch marks, scars, skin laxity).


Capsules Lishou (Lishou) - is the latest advanced tool for weight loss, incorporating the most effective developments and scientific research in this field. If you have previously used some drugs for weight loss and they were ineffective, then Lishou's drug will be a worthy alternative to previous attempts to lose weight.


The manufacturer claims that, thanks to Lishou capsules, it is possible to achieve stable weight loss in women whose age is striving for or has exceeded the forty-year milestone. Despite the low effectiveness of previous attempts, taking this drug will allow you to achieve significant weight loss, of course, if all the manufacturer's recommendations are strictly followed.

It is recommended during the entire course of taking the drug every day for at least half an hour to devote to classes in the gym or fitness center. The plant components that make up the drug normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, increase immunity, improve metabolism, which gives positive results not only to get rid of extra pounds, but also to improve the appearance and tone of the skin. Thanks to the acceleration of metabolism, Lishou capsules help to gently cleanse the body, rid it of accumulated toxins and toxins, and stabilize metabolic processes.
Indications for use: The soft effect of Lishou capsules contributes to the smooth elimination of body volumes, preventing sudden weight jumps, which has a beneficial effect on the entire body as a whole and prevents skin flabbiness and stretch marks. After completing the course of Lishou capsules, the body gets used to a new diet, and to consolidate the result, you should not abruptly stop taking the drug, but you need to gradually stop it. Then the result you have achieved will be securely fixed and, while maintaining a new diet, will not allow the return of unnecessary weight.

Composition of the drug: The composition of the drug Lishou (Lishou) includes mainly natural components that are derived from plants in Southeast Asia.

Lotus flowers and leaves;
Bitter orange extract;
Poria coconut;
Cassia torah seeds;
Chinese bitter fruit extract;
Honey and Senna.
Senna, which is part of Lishou, normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract, without causing either a laxative or a fixative effect. Other components of Lishou enhance the process of splitting fats, or contribute to this, and also normalize the overall metabolism in the body. This composition provides Lishou with the most powerful fat-burning effect. Bitter orange extract contains a huge amount of the chemical compound synephrine, which directly carries out the process of splitting fat cells and converting them into energy. The action of synephrine is similar to that of ephedrine, which is banned in different countries, however, synephrine does not cause side effects in the nervous and cardiovascular systems, so its use is completely harmless and the capsules can be used by different age groups of people.

Application: In the first half of the day, 1 capsule for 30 minutes. before breakfast (if there is a course of a healthy individual diet, and it is also desirable to play sports). During the entire course of taking Lishou (Lishou), you need to increase your fluid intake to two liters per day. To prevent sleep disorders, the capsule should be taken no later than 14-15 hours before bedtime, since the process of splitting fat cells releases a huge amount of energy and the overall tone of the body becomes increased, which can cause insomnia. Before taking it is advisable to consult with a specialist.

Attention: Taking even weakly alcoholic beverages significantly reduces the effect of the drug, and slows down the metabolic process in your body for a certain time. Drugs of this order work and give a positive result only in the complete absence of alcohol symptoms in the body. And also for the duration of the course, you must refrain yourself from strong tea, coffee.