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Lipoform Slimming Essential Fatty Acid Complex 60 capsules
Lipoform Slimming Essential Fatty Acid Complex 60 capsules

Lipoform Slimming Essential Fatty Acid Complex 60 capsules

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Lipoform Slimming Essential Fatty Acid Complex 60 capsules 

Burns fat deposits, removes excess water from the body, reduces weight and helps maintain a feeling of satiety for a long time.

Provides a high level of energy.

Accelerates metabolism and improves digestion, eliminates cellulite. Antioxidant for general

rejuvenation, restoration of appetite control, elimination of cravings for sweets, fatty and starchy foods; maintaining good health and vigor throughout the day; increasing concentration levels, accelerating metabolic processes, breaking down fat deposits.


Vitamin E -5 mg

CLA complex (conjugated linoleic acid) - 90 mg

GLA complex (gamma-linoleic acid) - 105 mg

ALA complex (alpha-linoleic acid) - 150 mg

Litramine - 150 mg

DHA - 100 mg

Vitamin E is needed to protect blood cells (lymphocytes, red and white blood cells), which helps improve the body's oxygen supply and overall protective function, for blood clotting, myocardial function, nerve tissue and immunity, to maintain reproductive function.

-Supports reproductive functions in women

-Prevents skin aging.

Litramine is a weight loss product that attracts and tightly binds fat in the gastrointestinal tract, preventing its absorption, rather than flushing it out of the body as waste. Litramine is a patented complex of various types of plant fibers.

-Fat burning

-Subcutaneous fat burning

-Normalization of metabolism

-Optimization of metabolism

CLA is a substance that is a fatty acid that belongs to the omega-6 group. It is essential for the human body.

-Antioxidant for rejuvenation

-Helps stimulate the immune system

-Has anticarcinogenic and anticatabolic properties.

DHA is one of the most important structural and functional components of the central nervous system. With its deficiency in the brain, mental performance and memory decrease, the risk of developing neurodegenerative pathology, such as Alzheimer's disease, increases.

-Increases energy levels and concentration levels.

-Maintains alertness for 12 hours.

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), found primarily in meat and dairy products, is essential for supporting the cardiovascular system, thereby providing nutritional support with essential fatty acids.

y-linoleic (GLA) - omega-6 fatty acid and a-linoleic (ALA) - omega-3 fatty acid - provide essential support for the cardiovascular system. The product contains ultra-pure omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil of the highest standards.

Directions for use: Take 2 capsules once a day, preferably with meals.

Contraindications: Pregnancy and lactation, age under 18, individual intolerance to the components.